Welcome to SaveTheOnePercent.org

Posted by Johnny America on December 31, 2011  •  Comments (64)  • 

How often do you get the opportunity to thank someone, I mean really thank them, with money, for the great good they have done for you and your country?

We created savetheonepercent.org with the goal of giving people a way to donate money to the beleaguered  job creators, those great and patriotic Americans who are the driving force behind the economic miracle that is the United States of America. Ordinary folks can soon have a say in our economic future by giving to those without whom they would have no jobs, no hope, no future. While the donations might seem like small change to a giant of industry, just the fact that Joe American is willing to give up some of his trickle down as a symbolic gesture of fealty may be enough to convince an oligarch to not relocate all of his factories to Bhutan.

Are you interested in helping out with this worthy cause? We operate legally as a charity. While  90% of donations cover our operating expenses and compensation for officers, the remaining 10% goes directly to the Job Creators.

Patriotism is hard, patriotism that requires getting out of your chair even harder, but as Americans , we know you have what it takes -- the grit, the get-up-and-go, the gumption, and the stick-to-itiveness, to get done what needs to be done... what ought to be done, what MUST be done, if this nation is to survive.

This is MY America

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Get ready for FREEDOM!.

Turpentine - Modern Miracle Drug

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Don't leave home without a bottle or two.